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Hardox Services

Metal Fabrication equipment includes:
• Profiling/Plasma/ Oxy-propane under water
cutting (8mx3.5m)
• Bending -Press brakes capacity 4m x 400Ton
• Vertical machining centres
• Overhead gantry crane up to 15Ton capacity

Machine Shop

• CNC Milling
• Drilling
• Turning
• Slotting




Hardox requires low preheating thanks to the low carbon equivalent.

The plate flatness and narrow tolerances facillatetes automatic welding and shortens preparation time for fit up and tracking. You also get very good HAZ properties due to the high toughness and low levels of steel impurites.

The steel quality and surface finish make a tight bending radius possible, especially when bending thinner plates. The consistent properties and the close thickness tolerances ensure very high precision bending results.

The extraordinary cutting characteristics derive from the narrow tolerances, the low levels of steel impurities and well-balanced chemical composition. (Under water Plasma/ Oxy-propane cutting

Hardox wear plates are easy to machine. The uniform properties and the consistency between plates give predictable results for machining operations.



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